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This is the original Telangitron unit. The unit is, like all other VBR units, a simple blend-electrolysis machine.
After the introduction of the Telangitron in 2000, nearly every electrology manufacturer started making their own device. Here’s just a sample of the available units for VBR (Vascular Blemish Removal): Telangitron (original), VascuTouch (the first copy), Skin System (Clareblend), Apiderme (Dectro), Teleangitron (German), BiManoTron (German), Vasculyse (French) — and, there are many more! New arrivals are Vein Gogh and Vein Wave (both very expensive). I have not yet personally assessed these units, but they seem to be doing the standard “spot-weld technique” using single-current thermolysis only.

If you already have one of these dedicated VBR units, or a blend-electrolysis unit, you can probably perform VBR just fine. If you do not have a unit and you want one, you can buy a dedicated VBR unit or one of the electrolysis units that correctly performs the technique. Using any of the electrolysis devices would technically be “off label use,” as defined by the FDA. If you want help, you may phone me with any questions. Remember, I support all manufacturers and I can give you hands-on instruction with almost any device.


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