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"Spider Veins" (Telangiectasia):

Michael pioneered the VBR (Vascular Blemish Removal) technique using blend-electrolysis equipment. Michael’s textbook “Telangiectasia” (1991/updated 2005) is the authoritative work used today by hundreds of physicians, estheticians and electrologists performing the protocol he created.
    Michael also developed the Telangitron (2000), the first dedicated blend unit to perform Vascular Blemish Removal. Most of the units being sold today are “clones” of the original Telangitron. Today, there are many manufacturers producing a “blend unit” for vascular blemish removal. Of course, almost any electrolysis machine will work! Michael supports all manufacturers and is able to work with most units.
    Michael provides hands-on VBR training in Santa Barbara — about 3 days. Instruction will move at your own pace; a few hours per day is appropriate. You will be given lots of promotional materials to make your business a success. You, and a friend, may stay at Michael’s home in Santa Barbara and have a mini-vacation (no charge). People usually stay a week to enjoy all that Santa Barbara has to offer. Michael’s home is half-a mile from the beach and harbor. Certificate of training is provided. Please, contact Michael for details

Visit: www.santabarbaraca.com


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Blend Electrolysis:

Michael offers post-graduate training in manual blend electrolysis. You must first have completed a course of study in an electrology school. Your study with Michael greatly depends on your previous experience, and specifically what you wish to accomplish. Not all machines can perform true manual blend. Again, you may stay at Michael's home if you wish. Please contact Michael to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.


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