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This patient completed his treatment in March 2010. As you can see, he had excessive beard
hair on his neck that was difficult to shave. The first photo is the untreated area. The second
photo is 3 months after the second “clearing.” The total time required for this area was 9 hours.

I perform manual blend-electrolysis, and specialize in large cases: back, chest, underarms, beard, etc. Most of my patients are from out-of-town. Patients may stay at my home in a private guest room (ocean view) & private bath (no charge). In this way you can relax and never have to interact with strangers at hotels and restaurants. Michael practices at Skin Essentials, a California Licensed Establishment and Medical Spa located at 1482 East Valley Road.

Treatment Modality:

Modality” (method) defines various electrolysis currents and techniques. For 30 years, I have heard the endless stories about “which method is best.” Frankly, this is a useless and downright stupid enterprise — one I refuse to honor. The point is, I have seen magnificent work done by competent electrologists using ALL of the various modalities. And, I have seen substandard work by practitioners using “the latest and the greatest.” (Funny how “the best method” just happens to be the one they use.)

     When you go to a restaurant, do you worry about what model of stove the chef is using? Remember, electrologists remove hair — machines do not remove hair (yet anyway). I fervently support all my colleagues; virtually all of them perform wonderful work. (For my colleagues reading this, I hope you understand that our profession is being decimated by laser and fraudulent “mail-order” products. Please discontinue your useless bickering and infighting for both the good of the profession and the well-being of our patients.)


We are in “brutal” economic times. Therefore, I have done everything possible to deliver my services at low cost. I charge $90 per hour for electrolysis. I work with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Local anesthetic is available: administered by the doctor, nurse or physician assistant. Consider also that you may stay at my home for no charge and will not need to rent a car.

     To give you a “snapshot” of costs, let’s consider a common area: a woman’s underarms. There will be three “clearings,” and the total time will be between 5 and 7 hours for the entire job (yes, both underarms), or about $450 - $630.* In actual appointments necessary, this is less than laser and costs much less. And, the real advantage is not just time and cost, it’s that electrolysis is 100% guaranteed to provide permanent hair removal — not just a “maybe,” as with laser hair removal. Yes, electrolysis is predictable and guaranteed!

Treatment Strategy:

The face and body require different strategies. Face, (i.e., beard), is appropriately treated every 6 weeks or so until no more hair grows in. The (unshaven) body is most predictable and requires 3 “clearings” at 2 to 3 month intervals. After the third clearing, there will be a little “pick-up” to remove random hairs. (When you get to this final stage, you might simply want to visit a local electrologist to remove the remaining scant hairs.) Each clearing takes about half the time of the previous clearing. For example, if the first clearing took 20 hours, the second clearing will be about 10 hours and the third about 5 hours.

This 22-year old patient wanted fewer chest hairs. The area was cleared two times, for a total of 7.5 hours. The “after” photo is a year after the final treatment.


Upper body:

The male torso — arms, back and chest — is “the best part” of male anatomy and should be maximized. The “gorilla” look is undesirable. Still, it is not just a matter of removing all the hair. Thought must be given to the person’s age and ethnicity. Is a Greek guy going to look right with no hair at all on his chest? Is the body going to look natural, or will it have a shaved look? Only electrolysis can create a totally natural look, because we are able to thin (or feather) areas. For example, you may want all your shoulder hair removed, but how is it going to transition into the lower arm where you want the hair? The arm hair must feather into the cleared shoulder area. Laser cannot deliver this natural look.

     In most cases, I simply remove all back hair — everything. The chest, however, takes a bit more consideration. I follow a simple “reversal approach.” As I illustrate in my book, “The Blend Method,” male body hair advances in very predictable patterns. Thus, I systematically reverse the pattern until you get the look you want. Keeping a feathered “center line” is recommended and gives the body a leaner look.

Lower body:

Unless you are nearly hairless, leg hairs should not be removed completely. The upper legs have fewer hairs than the lower — all feathering into the “butt” area that typically has little or no hair. There is, however, great variation in hair distribution on the male body. Everything depends on your own preference.

Personal areas:

The male “bikini” area should not be stripped of hair! Still, pubic-like hairs can be excessive (Speed-O line) and require just the right amount of thinning. Hair on the penis itself is very common and can be safely removed. (There is no extra charge for personal areas for either men or women.)


The beard should not be cleared at the first appointment. Initially, I will thin the beard and then at subsequent appointments clear the area — when I deem it safe to do so. All of my experience dictates this approach. If a thick, never-treated beard is to be cleared, the only choice is to under-treat the hairs so the skin is not damaged. Of course this can be done, but in the long run it’s a slower approach (the under-treated hairs regrow). Remember, it’s the total time to permanently remove hair from an area; not simply the speed of each clearing! I have completed many beard cases indeed. My average total time is between 40 and 90 hours.* I have never exceeded 100 hours — yet! Please phone me about your specific needs, each case is slightly different.



Facial hair is a monumental problem for any woman. Women experience facial hair for a number of reasons, which are well documented on the internet. Post puberty, menopause and PCOS are major contributors to excess facial hair. If this is your concern, you will be much better served to find an electrologist in your locality. Facial treatments are typically of short duration, say a half-hour, and require weekly treatments until the hairs are gone. Certainly journeying to Santa Barbara for a 30-minute treatment would be out of the question. Still, if you have any questions you may phone me at your convenience.


Underarm, bikini, and arms and legs would be appropriate areas for me to perform electrolysis. These are larger areas and venturing out of town would be practical, especially to take advantage of the local anesthetic so treatments are completely painless. Again, a short telephone conversation may be helpful for you.

More Information:

Plastic Surgery:

If you wish a surgical procedure from my associate plastic surgeon, you may stay at my home. Being driven to the doctor, picked up after surgery and cared for is best. (The surgeon does all procedures except “reassignment.”) I also work with a dermatologist that is renown for hair transplant. The doctor is in a nearby town, and I can drive you to have this procedure and care for you afterward. I have cared for many postsurgical patients and both physicians have faith in my ability to do so. Both the plastic surgeon and the dermatologist are true wizards in their craft. (There will be a charge for my postsurgical care.)

Your Stay:

You will only need to get yourself to Santa Barbara airport (SBA). I will pick you up, and you may stay at my home at no charge. We have a gourmet grocery store in the neighborhood (and numerous restaurants) so delicious food is available. We will eat together at home. The guest room is furnished with a 40” TV, DVD player and Netflix, and internet connection (most people bring a lap-top). Called the “American Riviera,” Santa Barbara is a culturally rich and progressive community — a true resort destination. You may want to come a few days early for a mini-vacation. My home is near the beach and harbor, and taking a relaxing walk after your treatment is encouraged. You’re going to love it here!

     Furthermore, I believe that patients should not be alone after any procedure. By staying at my home, we will be interacting and entertaining each other (no time to get gloomy!). Any problem that arises will be immediately addressed either by the doctor or me — he’s on call all the time. Frankly, I enjoy caring for people. Let me fuss over you — seriously, that’s what I like doing!

* These averages are based on 30 years of my own patients. It’s important to not just consider how many hairs can be removed in one hour. It’s more important to consider how many hairs are permanently removed — and the total treatment time it will take.

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